Thursday, 20 November 2014

10 Majors of Lecture Favorites

Here are 10 favorite subject of the most interesting :

1. Medicine
In the first rank for the subject and to the most demanding course held by the department of medicine. This of course is not surprising because the medical field is quite stable and the demand for medical personnel pretty much in Indonesia. So, for those who want to choose this subject would have to prepare well because the competition is intense. Then do not forget to choose a university that has a medical school quality and competitiveness.

2. Computer Science
This one subject in second place after medical school. Of course, due to the development of computer technology is now quite rapidly and will continue to evolve so many people who have computer capabilities are highly sought after. Which makes this subject a choice, a graduate of computer science the opportunity to obtain a high-paying job, wherever it is both in the country and abroad.

3. Legal
As with any medical college majors, majors this one is one of the subjects that received a lot of requests new graduates who have a good reputation. But of course, to success in the legal field should not choose the origin of the University that offers legal department. But need careful consideration in determining the choice of quality.

4. Economy
For non-exact majors, Economics was ranked second after the law. Although graduates who come from pretty much economics, demand for the company remains high. The purpose of those who choose majors kuliahini course to be easy to get a job after completion of continuing higher education in the future.

5. Mechanical Engineering
Department this one is equally ogled by children who had just graduated from high school because it offered a job with a salary that is high enough. Although competition for admission to this course is somewhat difficult, but interest is subject to entry remain high. To that end, for those who are interested can prepare this time.

6. Psychology
In addition to medical school, there is one department that is not much different from that Department of Psychology. This subject is always in the top 10 most popular majors in England and even in the world. This is evidenced by the many interests of children who graduated high school psychology majors as further education after completion in high school.

7. Electrical Engineering
For the field of engineering, electrical engineering majors into the second majors most in demand after majoring in mechanical engineering. Subject is somewhat unique because it offers a very preferred area of ​​work of children today who are happy with the technology or gadgets. No wonder this department is able to enter the top 10 list of the most desirable subject.

8. Mathematics
The next most popular majors is mathematics. Although this science is basic science, the demand for mathematicians today still high. Because, mathematician currently has a very wide area of ​​work compared to the other majors. Although dibituhkan capabilities in precision and patience, but still many who choose this one subject.

9. Physical
Not much different from the Department of Mathematics filled with calculations, Department of Physics is also much in demand. Interestingly, the interest in the Department of Physics is increased because the number of Science-themed movies such as "The Big Bang Theory" that makes young people changed their minds that turned out to be pretty cool to be a scientist.

10. Geography
Subject to the latter has recently been much in demand, namely Department of Geography. Studied this many people say boring, but because of the large demand for the geographer then this department into one that is in demand.

That 10 Subject browse Favorites. We recommend that you choose a subject according to their ability and interests. Because you get the knowledge that would later be used as your capital work and success. Hope it is useful.


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