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10 Unique and Strange Restaurant in the World

The restaurant is the place where we are to buy and eat food. But, the restaurant is now not only for that, now the restaurant can even be a place we call the travel or culinary. Because of its uniqueness and strangeness, the restaurant could be a culinary tour. And, following 10 Unique and Strange Restaurant in the World that we can or you visit.

1. Restaurant Ithaa, Maldives

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

The Maldives is famous for its underwater beauty, there is a restaurant Ithaa. Restaurants Ithaa is underwater restaurant located in the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa, Ranggali Island, Maldives. Restaurants Ithaa provide an alternative experience to enjoy meals while enjoying views of underwater life. Direct view of fish, such as sharks and see tropical fish under the sea brings you closer to life under the sea.

2. Restaurant Opaque, Amerika Serikat

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

Opaque that when we translate into Indonesian is buram. Opaque means restorant is opaque restaurant. So eat and drink in a state of complete darkness. Ministry was blind. You can feel how we are when eating and drinking in the dark.

3. Restaurant Ice Lounge, Dubai Uni Emirat Arab

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

Restaurant in Dubai offers a restaurant concept that all carved from ice. Visitors will sit on the bench or chairs made of ice. From table decorations, plates, and glasses all served made of ice. Everything is in a restaurant made of ice. And guaranteed, you will not be too hot in the restaurant's Ice Lounge.

4. Restaurant Thombs, India

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

The restaurant is located in Ahmedabad India uses the concept of a grave. Eating and drinking here is not grave untrue but the original grave. Oops, spooky. This restaurant has been open for 40 years hereditary, but the owner of the restaurant never know who is buried beneath the cemetery at this restaurant.

5. Restaurant Sky, Belgia

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

You want to eat and drink and see the sights. Sky restaurant in Brussels Belgium answer. Restaurants Sky brings you enjoy eating and drinking while looking at the beautiful scenery in Belgium. However, for those of you who are afraid of heights, do not try. Hehehe.

6. Restaurant Ninja, Amerika Serikat

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

Japanese restaurant located in New York, United States of America this concept of ninja. Ninja-style restaurant atmosphere complete with guns and samurai shuriken. Eating your food will become more attractive with the waiter Ninja complete with weapons.

7. Restaurant Vampire, Jepang

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

Vampire can be encountered in the film, but there is also a restaurant concept vampire. Namely in Tokyo, Japan. There is a coffin, a red velvet. Vampire horror shades can you feel when eating and drinking.

8. Restaurant Toilet, Taiwan

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

Restaurants in Taiwan this is a restaurant with a concept toilet. Restaurant in creative design in Taipei, using the concept of decorating style toilet. Tables made to resemble a bathtub, and the food was served with plates and bowls are designed to resemble a toilet. The food was delicious combined with design style toilet.
9. Restaurant Baggers, Jerman

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

In this restaurant you will not wait long in order. You ordered enough food using touch screen machines on your desk this restaurant. Uniquely Baggers restaurant will entertain you with a spiral conveyor belt, all menu you order will directly be present right at your table. In this Baggers restaurant, you can enjoy your meal so advanced from ordering food and drink that is done automatically. And say goodbye to services that are too long. Cool.

10. Restaurant Yellow Tree House

10 restoran unik dan aneh di dunia

The restaurant is built around a redwood tree near Auckland, New Zealand, and can fulfill all your fantasies about life tree house can feel the pleasure of eating in a tree house.

That's 10 Unique and Strange Restaurant in the World. May be useful to broaden your tour.


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